Genealogy of Hayyim (Heinrich) and Hannah Seifter Finger

  Hannah Seifter Finger   Hayyim (Heinrich) Finger  
Born:March 27, 1870   Sept. 28, 1862 or Oct. 12, 1862  
Place of Birth:     Brody, near Kalvarya Zebrzydowska   Koscielnikach (Koscielniki)  
Died:November 13, 1947   July 13, 1941  
Place of Death:New Orleans, Louisiana   New Orleans, Louisiana  
akaHani, Annie  Heinrich, Henry, Joachim  
Mother Rosa Landworth   Miriam Leah (Marian)  
Father Heshel Seifter   Joseph Finger  

Hannah and Hayyim Finger were my great-grandparents, my father's father's parents. In April, 2004, my second cousin Rick Streiffer in New Orleans heard that I had some genealogical material on our common family, and I built this page to share the information. Since then, previously unknown relatives from both Hannah and Hayyim's side of the family have found the site, contacted me, and filled in holes in our knowledge.
Jeff Finger
Jerusalem, Israel
November, 2004
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The Mothers

Rosa Landworth Seifter

Marian (Miriam Leah) Finger
Here are Hannah and Hayyim's mothers. Wow.


Kalvarya Zebrzydowska

Hannah and Hayyim lived in Kalvarya Zebrzydowska, about 30 km southwest of Kracow, which is today in Poland. This photo seems to be Hannah with Helen, Augusta, Sally, Hermina, and Molly in Kalvarya. Given that Molly is about two or three years old, this picture was probably taken in 1903 or 1904, shortly before they came to America.

There area in which they lived was called "Galicia", part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire between 1772-1918. There is an excellent map of Galicia, showing Brody at the very eastern border, east of Lemberg, and Cracow near the Western border. Much information on Brody can be found starting at JewishGen Shtetlinks site on Brody. Kalvarya does not appear on this map, but it is about 14 km east of Wadowice, about halfway between Wadowice and Myslenice, very near Landskron. You can see it on a modern on map of Poland. Information on Kalvarya can be found via a Google Search on Kalwaria Zebrzydowska. I do not know whether Hayyim was a שוחט (ritual slaughterer) or whether he was a meat cutter. The letter below indicates that he actually slaughtered animals, but Aunt Molly said that he did not, though she might have only been referring to his life in America.

Hayyim left for America on June 28, 1902 and came to New Orleans via Hamburg and New York, where he became a kosher meat cutter. Hannah and the family followed on August 20, 1904. They arrived in New Orleans via Boston around Succot (according to a handwritten note of Aunt Molly). See the letter from Hayyim to Hannah below, written while they were apart. Joseph Wiener, a friend from Europe, was responsible for their coming to New Orleans. The "Facts for Petition for Naturalization", filed in 1912 or 1913, lists their address 1818 Thalia, New Orleans, Louisiana. Later papers show their address as 1422 Carondelet, New Orleans. The pictures below are from an open air stall in the New Orleans market, I was told.

Their Children

Hayyim and Hannah were the parents of:

Relatives in Europe

Rosa Landworth was Heshel Seifter's second wife, the first having died. Hannah's had older half siblings: Hannah's full siblings were:

Hayyim had siblings, but I only know of three:

There is a good deal of correspondence in German, Polish, French, and English, dating from early in the century until quite a few years after World War II.

Ketubah     כתובה

This is the ketubah (marriage contract) of Hannah and Hayyim from their marriage on Tuesday, April 6, 1886 (א׳ ניסן תרמ״ו) in the town of Brody (בראָדי). This document was in a box of the letters Molly Finger Leopold was about to throw away in 1984. She said, "This is a letter in Jewish," but when I looked at it, I was amazed to see what it really was. From this document, we know that the marriage was in Brody, that Hayyim's father Joseph was already dead, and that Hannah's father was still alive and that his name was Yehoshua, also known as "Heshel". The names of the witnesses are hard to read, but they appear to be "Meir ben Avraham Dov HaCohen (unreadable) Katz" and "Yehoshua Zelik Ben (unreadable)"


Conditions of Engagement     תנאים

About six weeks before the wedding, on the evening of Sunday, February 21, 1886 (אור ליום ב׳, 17 אדר א׳ תרמ״ו), the "Conditions of Engagement" were signed in duplicate. The handwriting appears to be of the same person who wrote the ketubah. This is one of the copies.

Approval for Obtaining Passport

Obviously, this needs translating.

Civil Marriage Document May 15, 1901

So does this.

Letter of Reference

This is a character reference for Hayyim. The text, in archaic Polish, reads:

Character Witness

The Community Office hereby affirms that Joachim Finger, born in (unreadable), 24 years old, of the Mosaic religion, married, behaved decently during his stay, supported on his salary his mother and all his family members.

By his excellent ethical behavior, the above Joachim Finger merited widespread respect in our district.

The Witnesses:
x Jan Binias
Stanislav Geritzki (Unknown signature)

No Permission to Open Slaughterhouse

L. 3840

To: Mr. Yoachim (xxx) Chaim Finger

I hereby approve the request of the letter of the 16th of February this year, and in it the decision of March 2, 1889, Number 4901 the gives you the right to the work in agriculture in Zebrzydowska in Kalvarya

But with respect to creating and running a slaughterhouse, you will have to procure the proper permissions from the appropriate local authorities, by submitting the plans for the slaughterhouse, a description of it, and the xxx signatures of the close neighbors.

Only on this basis can a legal discussion be held on the spot. Otherwise, you will have to slaughter cattle in another rented slaughterhouse. March 1, 1893

1883 Ledger 39

Wardobitza by Starasta <Signature>

Membership in the Butcher's Guild

L. 4809
xxx 31.3 889 L.73
To Mr. Haim Finger
In Zebrzydowska

For his use, within the the instructions in accordance with the business license #106, you have become a member of the organization of slaughterhouses in Kalvarya.

Wardobitza, 26 March 1889
C. K. Starasta


Letter from Hayyim in New Orleans to Hannah in Kalvarya - c. 1904

This fragment of a Yiddish letter is in pieces. It was written by Hayyim to Hannah, during the time he was in New Orleans waiting to bring over the family from Kalvarya. From the references to how long he had been gone, the letter was probably written in 1904. Layeh Laks (Palo Alto, California) and I (mostly Layeh) did this very literal translation around 1991.

My dear and beloved Hanaleliben - until 120 years

Your lovely beautiful photograph I have received, which made me very happy. I immediately recognized the houses. It is as if I am in Kalvarya, and that I will see you with the dear children. How will dear God help me already that I should see you in good health as soon as possible. It's 2 [maybe 3] years that you are without me. I am 10 times as much. And also my sweet children should do as God wills and I will think of every opportunity to bring you to America and I hope that dear God will not abandon us here also, but that we should be here also in happiness. I received also from beloved Samuel his picture. My heart is full. How beautiful and respectable he is. I also received a postcard from our beloved and dear Yazik last week. However, this week I have not received a letter from you and I am once again uneasy. It is difficult for me to wait such a long time. I must … you…


Hayyim Finger's Aunts and Cousins

Aunt Molly wrote on this picture, "Papa's mother Grandma Marian Finger and her sisters and their respective daughters". Note that at least three of the aunts are wearing שײטלעך (wigs), meaning that they were quite religiously observant.


Other Correspondence

Aunt Molly gave me tens, if not hundreds, of letters from all parts of the family dating from early in the 1900s until many years after World War II. The letters are in a number of languages, among them German, English, and French. Subjects include life in Occupied Poland, life soon after liberation from the camps, letters from the camp in Oswego, New York, letters during the war from those who had somehow gotten out of concentration camps, and much more.

One of my favorite letters was a "V-Letter", that is, a letter photographically reduced by the military and redeveloped in the U.S. before delivery. (This was presumably done to save weight and bulk.) A U.S. soldier Louis Miller who knew the Fingers in New Orleans had found a Finger relative in a German P.O.W. camp in 1945. They had engaged in some Jewish geography, and Louis Miller was able to write to the New Orleans clan that the relative was safe, and that they were enjoying a beer together. I'll try to find it and post it here soon.

Other Letters

Here is a letter from Abraham and Anna Seifter in German written on August 16, 1944, from the camp in Oswego, New York. Abraham introduce themselves to Aunt Molly as the son of Koppel, Hannah Finger's half-brother, and tells of a brother Majer killed in Buchenwald, and to his brother Bernhard who was interned in Lager Macerata in Italy, and that Abraham himself was interned in Lager Ferramonti.

Letter from Ludwig and Marie Seifter to Aunt Molly - September 11, 1946


In the Yad VaShem Central Database of Shoah Victims' Names are some intriguing entries.

Helping the Search Engines

Here is a list of names that appear in the family tree so that the search engines will find them:

Abraham Seifter, Adam Benjamin Streiffer, Adolph (Dolek) Seifter, Alan Bielsky, Alan Irwin Gainsburgh, Alan Singer, Alan Singerman, Alex Rick, Alison Carol Moskowitz, Allison Elaine Yuspeh, Amelie May Streiffer, Amy Beth Gainsburgh, Amy Rick, Andrea Lynn Moskowitz, Andrew Lawrence Schwarcz, Anya Tish, Augusta Finger Goldman, Barbara Luftman (Basia), Bernhard Seifter, Beverley Finkletaub, Brent Allen Cuomo, Cherrie Singer, Clara Seifter, Cristi Lauren Schwarcz, Cyndy Felheimer, Dani Schoenman, Dora Finger Yuspeh, Eda Gichner Sierpinska, Edel Zeve Gainsburgh, Eli Dagan, Ellie Streiffer, Emil Drenger, Eric Bielsky, Erwin Drenger, Erwin Gichner, Erwin, Flora Finger, Francis Trudy Finger, Freddy Drenger, Gerda Kranz Dattner, Gertrude Bandmacher Finkletaub, Gil Dagan, Grant Henry Moskowitz, Hannah Seifter Finger, Harold David Yuspeh, Harold Meyer Streiffer, Harold Singer, Harold Singer, Harry Finger, Hayyim Finger, Helen Finger Singer, Helen Finger Slabowa, Henry Better, Herman Better, Hermina Finger Zeve, Heshel "Harry" Seifter, Heshel Seifter, Hilda Seifter, Hugo Gichner, Ignacy Rick, Igor Rick, Jane Singer, Jane Singerman, Jennifer Diane Cuomo Klein, Josef Seifter, Joseph Drenger, Joseph Finger, Joseph Finger, Joseph Jeffrey Finger, Joseph Rick, Joseph Seifter Finger, Joseph Singerman, Josephine Better, Josephine Finger Drenger, Judy Ann Gainsburgh, Kenneth David Cuomo, Kent Kretchmar, Keri Gerson, Kopel Seifter, LeeAnn Felheimer, Leo Seifter, Leo Seifter, Majer Seifter, Marion Rose Leopold, Mark Finkletaub, Mark Herbert Yuspeh, Martin, Micah Aaron Streiffer, Michael Singer, Miriam Leah ? Finger, Molly Finger Leopold, Molly Seifter Rick, Morris Seifter, Nancy Felheimer, Pepka Seifter Kranz, Peter Silan, Regina Seifter Beldengreen, Renia Beldengreen, Renia Kranz Silan, Richard Harold Streiffer, Robyn Gerson, Rosa Gichner, Rosa Landworth Seifter, Rosalyn Joy Streiffer, Ruth Leah Goldman, Sala/Sarah/Sally/Sary Finger Bandmacher, Sally Seifter Gichner, Sam Finger, Sandra Lynn Streiffer Schwarcz, Sarah (Sally) Finger Streiffer, Sarah Beldengreen, Saul Better, Saul Singer, Scott Gerson, Sigmund Seifter, Simon "Shulim" Bandmacher, Simon Lippa Streiffer, Simon Seifter, Stephen Anthony Klein, Steven Rick, Steven Singerman, Susan Harriet Strug, Yanche (Yaakov/Jacob) Seifter, Yanna Rick, Yvonne Carol Yuspeh, Zelma Seifter Schoenman,